Card counting is the age-old fine skill of tracking the relationship between the high value and low-value cards in a given deck of a given game.

Over here, you will find a plethora of exquisitely written articles touching on the subject of card counting, and covering each and every little aspect of it.

How well do you know your count system? Come to think of it, how well do you know your basic strategy of counting cards? Are you any good with the bankroll management?

These are all questions you need to keep asking yourself if you want to get really good and master the art of counting cards.

Even though it seems prosperous at first, big money card counting isn’t really all that sustainable, as some articles of ours will show you, but don’t let this discourage you that easily!

Some players have laid out their strategies so meticulously well, they’re managing to make up to $100.000 per year, and we’re willing to show how to do just that!

All things considered, just start from the bottom and work your way up, as there are quite a few top-notch articles here to get you going!

Short sessions and casino backoffs

Short sessions and casino backoffs

January 24, 2019 10:12

I play mostly green chips to black chips. I recently ground through a tough trip to Las Vegas. I know it’s normal and not that...

Counting cards keep it simple

Counting cards -- keep it simple

March 28, 2017 09:38

This is general advice geared towards new players. The level or complexity of your count will not define your success as an...

Marathon sessions counting at blackjack

Marathon Sessions Counting at Blackjack

July 15, 2017 07:28

I have always played marathon sessions counting blackjack. I started playing in 1971 and my biggest decision was to also play...

Low stakes card counters first back off

Low-stakes card counter’s first back off

November 10, 2018 12:24

I experienced two problems on a recent Las Vegas visit. I've been counting for about four years, with two or three LV visits...

Table hopping

Table Hopping

March 27, 2019 09:13
Wings of Madness

I'm relatively new to card counting and its strategies. The question that I have is: Would it look “suspicious” to back count...

Card counting 101

Card Counting 101

December 19, 2016 08:03

First of all, this article is intended to answer some basic questions that a lot of want-to-be and beginning counters have; it...

More card counting 101

More Card Counting 101

December 19, 2016 08:01

My advice is going to be rudimentary and simple. As you get farther along their are other people and reading materials that...

Card counter etiquette

Card-counter etiquette?

March 29, 2019 09:16
Angry Local Player

Does card-counter etiquette exist? I thought it did until I saw a small team of foreign-based players blatantly blasting away...

An effective but not so obvious bet spread

An effective but not-so-obvious bet spread?

January 25, 2019 09:04
Sammy D Jr

What’s an effective, not-so-obvious bet spread and more importantly, what does the casino, pit and surveillance, consider a...

Single deck game selection

Single Deck Game Selection

December 16, 2016 13:29
LV Bear

This is presented as a general guide, primarily to assist players who may not be accustomed to single-deck games. Using the...

Encountering another counter in a casino

“Encountering” another counter in a casino

November 03, 2018 12:17
Bull Monahan

I do not want to make contact with anyone I meet in a casino, especially another counter. I think most skilled players would...

The art of ratholing

The Art of Ratholing

January 08, 2018 07:39

This post is meant to help low and moderate-stakes players. High-stakes players have to deal with other issues when...

Spread yourselves far and wide geographically but do not put your feet everywhere

Counters: Spread yourselves far and wide geographically, but don't play everywhere

November 02, 2018 08:45
Steve Waugh

It is generally advised for card counters to spread themselves wide as far as playing locations are concerned. That has merit,...

The best available card counting cover methods by bigplayer

Fifteen card-counting cover methods

October 07, 2018 07:52

Know your enemy, keep top bets below the radar or at least within the context of the casino you are playing. Casinos do not...

Happy new year and thoughts on why big money card counting is not sustainable

Why Big Money Card Counting is Not Sustainable

December 19, 2016 10:50

I felt like writing a post so I figured I would ramble like usual. I have lots of time to think and after some hard times...

How to make  100k counting cards

How to make $100k/yr counting cards...

May 31, 2017 08:45
Captain Jack

About twenty years ago, David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth wrote a book titled How to Make $100,000 a Year Gambling for a Living....

Cover betting

Cover Betting

December 16, 2016 13:57

There are a variety of factors to be considered when contemplating cover. Cover betting and cover plays have a cost attached...

Reno blackjack advice  by bigplayer

Reno blackjack advice

February 25, 2019 08:59

bigplayer is a long-time, high-stakes professional player. Questions: Coming back from a card-counting trip to Reno during...