Gambling Books Reviewed

Even though in these modern times we’ve grown accustomed to finding almost any info on the internet, what’s the last time you’ve sat down to read a book?

Over here we have gathered a fine selection of gambling books, with in-depth reviews.

Do you want to learn how to play hold ‘em poker? Well, there’s King Yao’s excellent book covering that very subject featured here!

Stanford Wong will also help you out with certain other hot topics such as card counting in Professional Blackjack, proper casino tournament strategies, optimal strategies for pai gow poker, along with some very cool insights on craps.

The subjects covered here range from table games books, all the way to sports betting. On top of all this, we’ve included links which make it easy to purchase each and every reviewed book in a matter of just a few easy clicks… The reviews will show you a detailed overview of the books’ content, so you can check whether the books will cover the subject you’re after, and save you from making an unnecessary purchase.

Now, get shaped up for that shopping list, keep digging and keep exploring, before you make the right decision and purchase some of the new gems for your library!


King Yao explains how to play hold'em poker. Topics covered includes sizing up your opponents, counting "outs", figuring pot odds, the value of position, determining when to raise, call, or fold, bluffing, semi-bluffing, slowplaying, check-raising, regular games, shorthanded games, and playing...

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Millions of dollars are wagered on sports events each year. Most people give up a part of their bet to the house, while some "sharp" bettors actually turn a profit for themselves. Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong is a revolutionary text on getting the edge over bookmakers. Much of...

Optimal strategy

Pai gow poker uses a deck of 53 cards (joker for aces, straights, and flushes). You are dealt seven cards that you must separate into a five-card hand and a two-card hand. The only restriction is that your five-card hand must have higher poker value than your two-card hand. Pai gow poker is...

Casino tournament strategy

Tournaments are exciting -- your palms sweat even if the prize you are trying to win is no larger than an amount you are willing to bet on one hand of blackjack. Sometimes much larger amounts are involved; sometimes one card can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. Your competitors...


Professional Blackjack is 350 pages of card-counting advice for beginners to experts. It presents the high-low and the halves. The high-low is the best combination of simplicity and power, and probably is the most popular system used by card counters. Halves is a level-3 system that yields...