Law and Taxes

According to the law, in the vast majority of states and countries, gambling winnings are fully taxable. They vary based on the amount won, and the type of game played.

There are two types of winnings- cash and non-cash. Cash winnings refer to the money scored while playing casino games, bingo, raffles, sweepstakes, poker, and so on, while non-cash winnings encompass stuff like car and voyage. So whenever you win, you need to report those winnings to the local tax collection agency, or else you risk dealing with not-so-pleasant consequences.

To make things work and to avoid any unpleasant situations, each gambler needs to be acquainted with the local rules and laws. Regulations vary from one country to another, and they are often updated.

This corner is full of handy bits of advice on what to do when you win, where to report taxes, how to properly fill in the tax forms if a professional gambler, and so on. It also features some excellent tips on how to fly safely with money, what to do in case police pulls you over on your way to or from Las Vegas (or any other place), and so on.


Convicted casino executive faces loss of gaming license

May 23, 2024 6:21 am
BJ21 News Service

Former Las Vegas casino executive Scott Sibella faces a potential three-count complaint from the Nevada Gaming Control Board,...


Tribes vs. tribe in Oregon casino battle

March 22, 2024 5:35 am
BJ21 News Service

U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is being asked by four tribes that are against a proposed tribal casino in Medford, Oregon to...

Murky dealings-involving-casino-tribe-california-governments

Murky dealings involving casino tribe, California governments

February 26, 2024 5:55 am
BJ21 News Service

A California corporation that was created in a manner that conceals the identity of its members filed a new lawsuit against the...

Nebraskas casino regulating agency faces increased scrutiny

Nebraska casino oversight faces growing pains

February 13, 2024 4:14 am
BJ21 News Service

The low-key state agency in Nebraska that oversees casinos is coming under increased scrutiny as casinos within the state grow in...

Ex gaming executives cash seized by irs

Ex-gaming executive’s cash seized by IRS

January 12, 2024 4:54 am
BJ21 News Service

A former Pennsylvania State Police corporal who, until recently, held the position of compliance director for Pace-O-Matic, the...

North carolina governor halts casino expansion scheme

North Carolina Governor halts casino expansion scheme

October 9, 2023 4:34 am
BJ21 News Service

revious moves made by Republican legislative leaders in North Carolina could have resulted in the approval of a state budget that...

Tribal-sovereignty-casinos-vs-common-sense (1)

Tribal sovereignty/casinos vs. common sense

September 20, 2023 4:14 am
BJ21 News Service

Tribal “nations” in the United States are encouraged by recent court decisions and have so far avoided attacks on...

Oklahoma court of criminal appeals governor kevin stitt

Oklahoma seeks to prosecute crimes by Indians on other tribes’ reservations

August 29, 2023 5:32 am
BJ21 News Service

In an unusual case before the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, Governor Kevin Stitt intervened in an effort to clear the way...

Washington state cardrooms max bet increased to 400 by regulators

Washington state cardrooms’ max bet increased to $400 by regulators

August 7, 2023 4:57 am
BJ21 News Service

A bitterly divided Washington State Gambling Commission agreed to allow Washington cardroom operators to accept larger wagers,...


State regulators want federal action against unlawful offshore sites

May 9, 2023 4:16 am
BJ21 News Service

In urging the federal government to take action against unlawful offshore internet gambling casinos, Nevada has joined six other...

Other states are surpassing arizonas sports betting tax revenue

Arizona failing to maximize tax revenue?

March 20, 2023 5:17 am
BJ21 News Service

After legalizing sports betting in Arizona in 2021, the state has since collected more than $35 million in taxes from gambling...

Lawsuit alleges las vegas strip hotels conspired to fix prices

Price-fixing by Las Vegas Strip hotels alleged in lawsuit

January 30, 2023 4:23 am
BJ21 News Service

A newly-filed class action complaint claims that hotel owners on the Strip conspired to artificially raise hotel room rates above...

Indian tribal sovereignty in the united states faces lawsuits

Tribal sovereignty challenged

January 13, 2023 3:48 am
BJ21 News Service

Legislation from 2020 that restricts sports betting to just tribal territories in the State of Washington is being challenged by...

Macau casino audits questioned

Macau casino audits questioned

November 15, 2022 3:38 am
BJ21 News Service

Questions are being raised regarding the function of unregistered auditors in the Chinese gaming hub of Macau, where several...


$50 million taxpayer-backed loan to casino

October 17, 2022 3:49 am
BJ21 News Service

The Pennsylvania bank run by tycoon Louis A. DeNaples issued a $50 million loan from a taxpayer-funded initiative to assist...

Mgm resorts bribed criminal to not report cheating according to lawsuit

MGM Resorts bribed criminal to not report cheating, according to lawsuit

October 3, 2022 5:40 am
BJ21 News Service

A New York City resident has filed a lawsuit against an Atlantic City casino, its parent company, and its online betting...

Nevada gaming control assists patron

Nevada Gaming Control assists patron

February 7, 2022 5:22 am
BJ21 News Service

The Nevada Gaming Control Board says its investigation tracked down an Arizona resident who left Las Vegas after a visit, not...

Civil asset forfeiture rears its ugly head

Civil asset forfeiture rears its ugly head

September 10, 2021 3:40 am
LV Bear

Opinion, by LV Bear Much has been written over the years about civil asset forfeiture, a constant danger to legal casino...