As casino goers, players take their fair share of abuse whether security is throwing them out, accusing them of cheating or mistreating customers in some other way. This is the place to read more all about such stories.

Card counting and forms of cheating...

…can get you into trouble at the tables. Think back to Robert DeNiro in the film ‘Casino’ when he spots a couple of guys in cahoots and scamming at the tables. He instructs security to escort one of the partners to the back, where they proceed to smash his right hand with a hammer. Partner number two thinks he’s getting off without any repercussions, but security opens the door with his head on the way out.  We can only hope such dramatic methods have gone along with the old days of Las Vegas.

We’re focusing on the unjust abuse of casino patrons. Register and tells us your tales.

Maryland live casino and local police settle with falsely imprisoned card counter

Maryland police officers settle with falsely imprisoned card counter

September 06, 2017 07:56
Al Rogers

Maryland Live! Casino and Anne Arundel County, Maryland police officers settle with falsely imprisoned card counter...

Tribal casino backrooming

Tribal casino backrooming

June 09, 2019 10:09

I was once taken to the backroom of a tribal casino in the state of Washington. I was aggressively playing in a six-deck game...

Nersesian letter

Nersesian Letter

December 19, 2016 00:00
Bob Nersesian

Al Rogers recently posted a reference to the police not doing their jobs with reference to casino security. It may be endemic...

Negative pr campaigns

Negative PR Campaigns?

March 22, 2019 08:52

There has long been a discussion of publishing a casino blacklist providing advantage players with a list of locations to...

Security casinos las vegas

Links to Media Coverage of Casino Abuse of Patrons

December 19, 2016 10:35
Al Rogers

Casino security and common sense Eject, Evict, Trespass and 86, by Alan W. Zajic, Global Gaming Business Magazine It would be...

Settlement jury verdict guards las vegas

Settlement in $160.5 million jury verdict for patron attacked by security guards at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas nightclub

May 03, 2017 09:04
Al Rogers

Lawyers for a former New York hedge fund manager who was attacked by security officers at a Cosmopolitan nightclub reached an...