Law and Taxes

According to the law, in the vast majority of states and countries, gambling winnings are fully taxable. They vary based on the amount won, and the type of game played.

There are two types of winnings- cash and non-cash. Cash winnings refer to the money scored while playing casino games, bingo, raffles, sweepstakes, poker, and so on, while non-cash winnings encompass stuff like car and voyage. So whenever you win, you need to report those winnings to the local tax collection agency, or else you risk dealing with not-so-pleasant consequences.

To make things work and to avoid any unpleasant situations, each gambler needs to be acquainted with the local rules and laws. Regulations vary from one country to another, and they are often updated.

This corner is full of handy bits of advice on what to do when you win, where to report taxes, how to properly fill in the tax forms if a professional gambler, and so on. It also features some excellent tips on how to fly safely with money, what to do in case police pulls you over on your way to or from Las Vegas (or any other place), and so on.

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