Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong

Millions of dollars are wagered on sports events each year. Most people give up a part of their bet to the house, while some "sharp" bettors actually turn a profit for themselves. Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong is a revolutionary text on getting the edge over bookmakers. Much of this information has never before been seen in print.

Some important topics covered in this book are:

Money management - Proper money management lets you win more than if you simply make flat bets. Sharp Sports Betting explains when to bet more, and how much to bet.

Parlays - Parlays are risky; you can lose faster or you can win faster than with straight bets. Sharp Sports Betting explains the mathematics behind parlays. It explains how to make parlays that give you an edge over bookmakers. It will help you answer questions like, "Should I parlay these two bets?" "Should I bet off-the-board or with a parlay card?" "A casino is offering 7:1 on a 3-team parlay. Is that good?"

Props - Do you ever bet on how many of something is going to occur, such as how many games your favorite team is going to win during the coming season, or how many field goals will be kicked during the Super Bowl? Sharp Sports Betting explains how to evaluate such prop bets to find the nuggets.

Historical NFL data - Have you ever wondered how frequently certain spreads are achieved? When you should buy a half point for a dime? How big a deviation you need from the posted spread to get an edge? When should you bet the money line instead of the spread? Sharp Sports Betting has the answers to all these and more. The 2009 printing has data through the 2008-2009 season.

NFL teasers - Since football points often come three or seven at a time, some final scores are more common than others. The sharp sports bettor can take advantage by making teaser bets. Sharp Sports Betting explains which teams to tease to get an edge over bookmakers.

And lots more…

If you are brand new to sports betting and want the basics on how to place bets and what the different information in a sports book means, Sharp Sports Betting gives the answers.

If you're a seasoned pro and want explanations of how to analyze the various betting options available in sportsbooks, Sharp Sports Betting has much essential but never-before-published information.

Get Sharp Sports Bettingthe book the sportsbooks don't want you to see.

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