Casino Tournament Strategy by Stanford Wong

Tournaments are exciting -- your palms sweat even if the prize you are trying to win is no larger than an amount you are willing to bet on one hand of blackjack. Sometimes much larger amounts are involved; sometimes one card can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. Your competitors are the kind of people you choose for friends. Tournaments are so much fun that many blackjack players structure their casino trips around them.

Tournaments also involve skill. You constantly make decisions on how much to bet and whether to deviate from basic strategy, and frequently the best decision is not obvious. The best tournament players enjoy a large edge. You probably have read posts by H. E. Delmas and others discussing their tournament success -- how on average they win prizes of double or more of the amount of they pay in entry fees.

How did H. E. become a tournament expert? By studying a book and practicing. How can you become a tournament expert? By studying the same book H. E. studied, and practicing.

The 2006 printing is 352 pages; it is being used to fill all new orders. We did not call it a revision or modify the cover, so on the outside it looks just like the previous printing. The only new material is paragraphs on surrender and low-bankroll-out. There are sections on blackjack tournaments, crap tournaments, baccarat tournaments, keno tournaments, and horse tournaments.