Ploppies who know you and might expose you

Ploppies who know you and might expose you

I am having issues with ploppies who consistently say hello to me and say things to the pit like, "He was here last week and won a few thousand," or "He always waits around and knows when to come in" (referring to my wonging). I am playing anonymously and I try to disguise myself each time, but for some reason, a few of the regular ploppies seem to remember me. I need suggestions on how to get around this.

DeadlyWizard234: I've come to the conclusion that you should hide your advantage play (“AP”) skills and winnings from ploppies as much as possible. I once took on the task of attempting to educate a ploppy. My conclusion: Even the smartest of plops tend to be degenerate gamblers and are thoroughly brainwashed and enslaved by the casino -- you couldn't sell them water if you were stuck in the desert with them, though you probably could easily sell them sand.

I view ploppies as similar to an “Uncle Tom” from Uncle Tom's Cabin. They’ve been enslaved and abused by the casino for so long they view the casino as a father figure in a dysfunctional sort of way. Let me guess, the ploppy viewed you as a scam artist/scumbag of some sort while taking the pit guy's fake jovial casino smile at face value, then proceeded to shove $100 bills into a Wheel of Fortune or other slot machines? Typical.

A superstitious ploppy with a big mouth once practically shouted at me, "Why you keep spreading to multiple hands and raise bet up? That no good for table!" I just looked at her and slurred my speech as best I could, saying, "You gotta bet big after your losses.” If you won the previous round, you can say, "You gotta ride your wins.” Try to “out-mythologize” the plops the best you can. The degenerate plops have no memories. Ploppies cannot be saved. Unless you come across an obviously skilled AP, it's best to play the dumb degenerate idiot and to blend in around ploppies just like you do around casino personnel.

Rockky176: Play heads-up at higher minimums. That eliminates pretty much the social players who go to the casino to find people to talk to or about.

Wham: I had a plop once ask me: How do you always know when to bet big and when to bet small? Fortunately, no one else heard him.

EmeraldCityBJ: Only thing worse are newbie AP’s who can't keep their mouths shut and say something that sounds intelligent to the pit.

Tuco: Ploppies can present you with an opportunity to say something to make yourself look stupid, like a good casino customer,” which is of course how you want pit personnel to think of you.

LV Bear: If you are being recognized by ploppies, perhaps you are visiting that casino too often, and need to spread out your action more as well as improving your change of looks.

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December 31, 2018 5:53 pm
If you want to draw attention to yourself double on soft 19 against a six. there are certain moves that drive ploppys crazy and once they start they keep drawing attention to your every move so I tend to play on black chip tables with less people and preferably by myself if possible

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