Let’s Talk About Online Blackjack: Logic and Fortune Determine What Becomes of Us [Model of Life] (Part One)

Lets talk about online blackjack logic and fortune determine

Part 1 — All successful business persons and aspiring life-achievers should try online blackjack. It’s about the rewarding nature of the game in line with invested efforts.

When we search the web looking for any conceivable information on anything, it’s practically impossible to come back empty-handed. If it’s not online, it does not exist. This may be the most groundbreaking impact technology has made to our connected and integrated society: obtainability of knowledge. Surpassing personal interests, business branches, and human ingeniosity, information nowadays flow and overspill from one to another unrestrained, impacting and delivering unprecedented cross-industry innovation. This is quite visible in online blackjack, on a very special level.

Of course, just as all that glitters is not gold, not all online content is educational or even usable, but analytical and intelligent individuals have the internet of brilliant things to plow on different levels and layers in perpetual search for progress.

Apart from online blackjack players, there are only a few other communities cherishing knowledgeable approach on such a wide and deep scale. The reason is simple.

Twenty-one is a game that offers the best chances to a clever and tactful player in possession of skills and discipline needed to recognize and play only the right opportunities. Playing it online only increases the number of variables to take into consideration.

Is there any other realm of our existence or personality type which could fit such description by definition? Just about any life achiever and successful business person. This could explain why these people usually make up for the majority of very good online blackjack players.

Why is it so, what makes this game so appealing?

The rewarding nature of the game correlating to efforts invested by the player.

No other gambling game, with the notable exception of backgammon and probably poker and roulette, offer such potential return on investment when everything player puts into playing is taken into consideration. As Stanford Wong wisely notes in his e-book Professional Blackjack...

“To win money playing blackjack, you must put [the] time in playing blackjack.”


If we were to exclude the name of the most popular casino table game from these sentences, insert ‘business’ or ‘self-fulfillment’ instead, then walk into any corporate meeting room while team building event takes place or visit any workshop elaborating on realizing our life potentials — we would probably be greeted with nodding. If we were expecting to be kicked out once attendees realize we’re serious advantage online blackjack players on par with professionals, we might be in for surprise.

For, the similarities between these three seemingly incompatible, on occasion even abhorrent experiences — online blackjack, business endeavors, and life achievements — are quite interesting.

As we take a glancing overview of 21’s complementarity with its sojourning companions in this two-part series, looking forward to making them more acquainted to each other, in effect we will try to elaborate our answer to a simple question.

Why should all successful business persons and aspiring life-achievers try online blackjack?

No. 1, the Strategy: Five Questions and Five Answers

To possess “a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty” is to answer five questions. Where are we now, point A (situation analysis)? Where do we want to be, point B (vision, goal)? How to get from point A to B (the best course of action)? How to secure a safe arrival to point B (back-up plans, options)? How to measure our progress (tracking, adjusting)?

To look upon the world through these five lenses come naturally to successful online blackjack players, business persons, and life achievers; it’s sort of the red pill in Matrix — everything is always evaluated by these questions and their answers. These three groups of people are highly strategic thinkers.

It’s not only about achieving the goal or about winning. More importantly, it’s about possessing the right knowledge and perpetually extending the safe zones in pursuit of new frontiers.

Of course…

We don’t always analyze our point A validly nor do we envision point B as something realistically achievable. Even if we do so, we don’t necessarily make valid alternatives to protect our execution from surprises. On occasions, it may take us ages to achieve our goals. Thus, sometimes, we may end up devoid of results. That doesn’t mean the process is not sound, but perhaps need some tweaking. The whole benefit of strategic thinking, however, is the process itself.

Online blackjack is an indispensable gaming and entertaining realm to master this viewpoint and worldview, in addition to being potentially quite rewardful when all strategy steps are being handled properly. Not always, of course — after all, luck plays a significant part in any gambling, but if nothing else, a sound approach will yield at least some results.

That’s what in corporations is called short wins. In life coaching the term is small steps.

Generally known to the mainstream players but in the essence available only to the most dedicated patrons, the bottom line is universal:

To not use strategy in online blackjack, business endeavor or life achieving pilgrimage is close to bringing a comb to a gunfight.

Each and every one of us is doomed to fail lest well thought out strategy is conceived and executed in the best possible manner. But what about luck? Well, as the old Roman saying goes, “luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”

No. 2, the Training: Harder You Practice, the Luckier You Get

Assuming strategy is an omnipresent member of the team, next it comes down to repetition, on occasion slow and painstaking process of going over and over again until our brain and body remember the right choices and moves. Sometimes it’s easy, other times hard, on occasions even frustrating.

After all, if one is to win, it needs to invest itself into endeavor and blackjack is no different. We’re not talking about money but the time, dedication, and logic required to build healthy habits of devising the strategy and perfecting it relentlessly before deployment.

The approach is applicable in professional sports, medicine, emergency public services, acting, to name only a few; we do it in our relationship, not to mention any effort where preserving human life is at stake. How many time we’ve heard “train hard, fight easy,” or “train as you fight, fight as you train?”

Compounded with significant levels of emotional intelligence required to read all the signs on the road to success, it takes time to mix all of this in the cohesive motion and resultant way of thinking.

Then there is conditioning, the time needed for us to build the stamina and endurance to carry it all the way. Blackjack is famously demanding in terms of cognitive tasks required to handle all game developments properly, so it takes time to get used to it and acclimatize.

It’s a question of building a memory to our muscles governing gambling impulses and hopes in the best outcome — and it simply needs hard work to become effective.

Indeed, when it comes to practice, the point is very simple. There are no real differences in a tactical approach to strategy execution in online blackjack, successful business operations, and resultant life achievement; the only distinction is the realm itself. But…

Being good at one might help in being better in the other which could lead to being the best in the next. All of us are free to combine the order in a way we prefer.

Wizard of Odds is a great place to start to learn how to play online blackjack as they offer a free trainer that you can ask for advice on the best move when in doubt.

No. 3, the Skills: Warehouse of Safe Zones

Let’s face it: building muscle memory is not an easy thing to do. Nobody feels comfortable at the beginning. The strength to proceed, relentlessly at that, comes with the increase of territory we begin to consider safe after a while, resulting in growing self-confidence in our critical thinking abilities.

That’s what skills — soft, hard, transferrable, mental, or physical — are all about: the knowledge and experience which creates safe zones and makes us comfortable in challenges.

The appropriate analogy is the way corporations promote people.

We don’t get to rise to the top of marketing vertical, for instance, in order to become the Executive Vice President of telecom holding. Instead, we move horizontally on different managerial levels gaining also hands-on familiarity with sales, customer support, procurement, human resources, finances, technology. By each level we raise, our general knowledge increase. So one day, when we get to the top, we’re fully capable to comprehend the wholeness of organizational spread and, you guessed it — create an appropriate strategy.

The path of life achievers is even steeper. Relationship with others and myriad of stimuli we perceive daily, relation with nature, sense of belonging, forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, self-governing of our impulses, aversions, desires, opinions, and above all, the unlimited and unconditional love towards anyone and everything. (On second thought, why don’t we just talk about business and twenty-one?)

Speaking of which, online blackjack players are to move through software platforms, game variants a.k.a. house edges, regulations, jurisdictions, casino reviews, banking methods, fairness, and players’ protection, increasing their familiarity with every aspect of game eco-system, so, one day, when it all comes down to a single proper move in front of the screen, they’ll be able to, you guessed it — execute the proper strategy. (As a matter of fact, can we just have the online blackjack in this conversation?)

One way or the other, skills are like payroll — the more, the merrier.

At times, their procurement cost is much higher than any gambling budget. Then again, so are their benefits.

To see them all, we’ll have to embark on Part Two of this series and find out answers to ensuing questions. What is the endgame? What can we gain by aligning our efforts in being better at online blackjack, our careers, and life achievements? What is the impact of such an approach? Is there some infinite lesson hidden below?

There is only one way to find out.


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