Costuming  by bfbagain

This is consistent with the approach of hiding in plain sight.

You must present yourself in a way that doesn't draw attention to you. Please think about that sentence. Re-read it, as it isn't what it appears to be.

You must remember that you are going to be remembered. Now, let that sink in.

Disguising oneself isn't always about the physical. And what do I mean by that, considering that everything is about the physical? It means, simply, that although you may appear the same to someone, i.e., where they believe they have seen you before, you must now appear to them in a way that sheds doubt on their recollection. And it doesn't have to be much, but it does take some planning and record keeping.

Most people who visit Las Vegas, as an illustration, learn about Rodeo week in December of every year. It's fashionable for APs who are from out of town, to dress up as cowboys. This is a form of costuming. The same can be said about wearing a tuxedo to a high-end carpet joint on a Saturday night, e.g., if you're playing at the Venetian's High Limit room.

Ah ha, you say! But they'll surely recognize if I come back the next afternoon right? No. Many of the things that identify you to casino personnel are not the clothes you wear, but the jewelry you wear. And it's not just that, but it's where you wear your jewelry, e.g., you normally wear your watch on your left wrist and/or wear a wedding band on your ring finger of your left hand. Take the ring off, change your watch and put your watch on your right wrist.

Practice a minor alteration of your voice. Make sure that you match that persona with the types of clothes (and don't forget the shoes) you're wearing. Have a hometown, a business, a wife with that persona and a girlfriend with another and a mistress with another and on and on.

You see, it doesn't matter if you look like someone that they've seen before, a lot of people look like someone -- doppelgangers do exist, it's important that you shed doubt, and you do that by wearing what you wear that's different from place to place.

Many people plan their trips, what shifts they'll play at what casinos they'll target, even the use of different identities, but fail to plan and record what they wear and that's what gives them away. I shuffle chips (usually a no-no for blackjack players) at casinos where I'm playing poker, never shuffle them at others. Handle them with my left hand at some and my right hand at others.

That's enough for now. Think about changes you can easily make.


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