Reality check...

Reality check

I think another reason I haven't gotten heat is because my first year was a losing year of almost 15% of my $10k bankroll after 5 two to three week trips and 180 hours of play
Just so we're clear, if I read correctly, losing (or winning) $1500 is irrelevant. It's a rounding error.

You're not really playing enough money to matter or be a threat. Maybe you get backed off maybe you don't. But I feel you are (and a lot of ppl do) WAY over complicated their "act" and assume they are getting away with tons of things when in reality, their action just doesn't matter. Maybe a smart crew just hasn't caught you yet.

I mean, most places simply aren't even going to care about $25-$250 unless they are a total sweat shop or you are winning thousands and trigger them. There's too much low limit action to watch. "Oh gee, another drunk kid splashing around green chips". :)

So you'd be wise to listen to people here. Soon. If you intend to be serious about blackjack long term, in Vegas:
- stop playing rated
- Stop messing with alternate cards, until you need to (after being backed off).
- I'd stop caring so much about comps. You either care about the money and are a serious player, or you are casual and want the odd dinner. Hard to straddle the line. I used to be 7 Stars and have lots of comps. I regret ever playing with a card, but it's ok as I wasn't going all the time, so am not that memorable. Closer to home though...different story.

Is 2x$200 or 2x$300 red chipping?
No but it's also not a big deal in Vegas. At all. Not unless you are downtown or in some shit hole. This action is literally seen all day long.

Keep playing, keep pressing, but you're likely not even on the radar yet.

I do love how lots of people freak out over bet limits or whatever and have these hard limits in mind. Play till you get backed off. That's how you know where the real limits are. Everything else until then is talk.

If I get backed off at one under a fake players card, all I have to do is cut/shave my hair and I'm a new person haha
LOL, depending on the pit critter, and place, you'd be surprised how memorable you may be. And for how long. But, there are also plenty of places to play. Show your face, even once a month, for long enough, and you become indelible. Good reason to never play rated and keep sessions short.


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