Let’s Talk About Online Blackjack: Logic and Fortune Determine What Becomes of Us [Model of Life] (Part Two)

Lets talk about online blackjack logic and fortune determine partII

Part 2 — Online blackjack is a powerful builder of healthy strategic habits when consumed in a prudent and disciplined manner. Rewards are served in accordance with hard work invested and a bit of luck.

As we continue to circumambulate the sphere of online blackjack, business endeavors, and live achievements — looking for answers and digging for hidden treasures of our existence — in a way, we strive to extend our knowledge while elaborating on the answer to a simple question.

Why should all successful business persons and aspiring life-achievers try online blackjack?

As we elaborated in Part One, strategic approach these triplets share is just one of several complementarities; there is also a common viewpoint on training and perpetual desire to improve our skills, all of which with the single goal in mind…

To expand our safe zones and make us comfortable in challenges, resulting in lasting growth of self-confidence.

Let us, therefore, see where this story goes and what might be just one of the possible outcomes. We surely won’t give you your own endgame, for that is up to you, but at least we might provide for some high beams on the road ahead.

No. 4, the Outcome: Improvisation Powers

What connects Franz Liszt, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, excellent online blackjack player, prominent life achiever, and successful business person?

Power to improvise.

The important thing to understand about indefinite and successful improvisation is — it requires absolute knowledge on the subject. It cannot be used when we have no idea what we’re doing; in such instances, everybody knows we’re trying to improvise. We’re trying, they know, nobody is happy.

To improvise in terms of “making or doing something not planned beforehand, using whatever can be found,” is to rule to topic ultimately. All of the composers and artists mentioned were masterful improvisers, indeed the music philosophers.

We’re talking about the level of dominance on the matter which would lead someone to tell, for instance, “you’re Mozart of 21, what you do with cards is a symphony.” We can say what we want, but there is not a single person in this world that would not love to be compared to Wolfgang.

In online blackjack, this means to invest to possess skills and knowledge to make something out of nothing even when chances are against us. It is about knowing the time and place of our battles, as well as to know when to live to play another day and to retract with minimum possible losses.

When it comes to business endeavors and life achievements, it is to the possibility to feel comfortable in the most complex situation even while having absolutely no idea what comes next, knowing all too well that every chance will be seized with a proper strategic view, skilled response, and wealth of safety zones.

To improvise yourself, if you will, is to know that even if things don’t go our way, we’ll manage somehow.

Ever saw serious business coaches confused by the unexpected question? Of course, you haven’t. It does not mean they didn’t face it; it means there were no shallow ends in their pool of resources and knowledge.

Ever noticed premier life achievers selling themselves as knowledgeable on the topic they don’t own? Of course, you haven’t. For, these people know when to say ‘I don’t know, will you teach me? Please, lead the way.’ They don’t feel any less worthy for it; in fact, they embrace such an opportunity.

What we see in the end is easiness and smoothness of performance. We don’t get to realize when these people play music from the notes or improvise. To them, it’s all the one.

Such people usually not only end up good at online or land-based casinos but also get to be called back by HR managers whenever they apply to some position and are always a sought after commodity when it comes to providing for good advice.

No. 5, the Impact: Freedom to Change

It is a mindset game, after all. There is something within us, kind of an inner drive, that makes us push ourselves harder, to meet and conquer our limits, and then to set new ones. In both material and meaningful world we live in — view depends on personal tendencies and beliefs, but the truth is probably somewhere in the middle — that’s what pushes people to gain more and more in a never-ending fashion.

However, short of few spectacular strokes of luck — like winning major lottery jackpot — the progress will not come without dedicated work and effort in devising proper strategy and plan, skills to implement it, brainstorming in order to devise alternatives, and lacking any form of quantification. When we reach the point of fatigue, frustration, sometimes even tears and our fists hitting the concrete walls, we’re usually close to the final gate.


Money is usually the most common measuring stick. But only to a certain extent because money is the outcome, it’s the result which does not come instantly.

One first needs to invest before it can earn; first, we sow, then we harvest.

The most potent seed is a desire to change sowed through a willing effort invested in ourselves. On occasion, we tend to see this as the result of powerful corporate messages of the 21st century when, in fact, the roots are in biology and, you guess it — business and self-achievement.

The single most often misquoted sentence from Charles Darwin actually belongs to professor Leon C. Megginson from the Louisiana State University (published in the journal Petroleum Management in 1964), nonetheless based on the idea of the former:

“Yes, change is the basic law of nature. It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives, it is not the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.

The notion of change is paramount in any realm of our existence. Let us, therefore…

First, let’s quantify our positive and substantial changes before we calculate our gains; when the former is right, the latter comes in abundance.

Worldwide business influencers would sing off such notion in a heartbeat.

When it comes to online blackjack and successful patrons, this simple truth has been present long before the dawn of iGaming time. Looking all the way back to the beginning, it has been there long before the Great Pyramid of Giza has been built, at the time when we first used tiles to gamble in China.

Interestingly enough, around the same time, we started to gaze into ourselves and the realization of our potentials through self-achievement, in the form of arête and philosophical explorations since Ancient Greece.

So, yes, we’ve been changing for centuries. Today is no different. Except, perhaps, for the means at our disposal to reach the final improvement destination.

The Infinite Lesson: Much More to be Learned

The single most important reward, if you will, of online blackjack — one shared with every successful business person and perpetual life achiever — is a rewarding understanding there is always more to be learned, proportionally to the depths of digging efforts.

While we are intuitively fully aware of such fact, we rationally cannot always grasp it. Instead, we need to verify it over and over again.

In doing so, some of us say ‘that’s it, I can’t do this forever, a wolf can change his coat but not his character, have a nice life’ and call it a day. Others say, ‘I shall remain open to things out of my understanding and intellection’ and dug even deeper.

The choice is ours to make, each one is good enough, and no one can take that birthright away from us.


Those devoted to things outside of their grasp gets to enjoy in growth, get to be business or industry builders, get to achieve something we usually think is only reserved for, say, Nepal monks. When it comes to gambling, these people get to be really good at online blackjack.

As they cross their paths across online casinos, corporate business tables, and life achievements, more often than not, they resonate and share very old wisdom of Khosrow I, the King of Kings of the Sasanian Empire, nowadays Iran.

As Matthew P. Canepa writes in The Two Eyes of Earth: Art and Ritual of Kingship between Rome and Sasanian Iran (2009), Khosrow I — the Shahanshah which ruled from 531 to 579 — was one of the most celebrated emperors of Empire of Persia, recognized as unifier, reformer, warrior, and ruler with ambitious reign which saw art and science to flourish and the Empire to reach its peak.

In one of his diplomatic visits to the court of the Gupta Empire, nowadays India, he famously said of backgammon, “it is a great game, because, as in life, logic and fortune determine what becomes of us.”

Borrowing this notion about the luck-based dice game with a strategic approach on par only with blackjack seems fitting, which is why we should not ignore this lesson from the past.

The logic of perpetual learning process, in conjunction with the luck, defines what becomes of us.

It’s true in any walk of our existence especially in twenty-one, business endeavors, and numerous life achievements. Being good at one will help in being better in the other which will lead to being the best in the next. Which one we’ll use as the starting point and building block is up to us.

Considering the accessibility of online blackjack, particularly the mobile variant, it might come rather handy as a building block. Not an easy one, on occasions not even the cheap one, but surely the one that combines a healthy dose of fun in conjunction with omnipresent discipline and gambling responsibility in the learning process.

After all, our triplets of this story share one more thing in common. If there is one thing we control 100 percent, every single day of our lives — it’s ourselves and the rule of our character.

Online blackjack might provide for good testing grounds and outlet. One never knows what it might get, although, more often than not, we meet ourselves between the cards.

To have an additional possibility to make some money might feel like being dealt with an ace after face card. Indeed, so natural.


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