Blackjack on the Go: Playing Mobile at Large [Pros & Cons]

Blackjack on the go playing mobile at large

There is a line between advantages and disadvantages; its length is created by our proclivity, but width — by our responsibility.

The technophile 21st century is mobile, agile, versatile, and fertile yet also fragile, volatile, hostile, and wile, empowered by tactile notions of our connected and integrated life. As we live, work, and entertain ourselves in such environment, our experiences are no different: tossing a coin in the air would see it rotate edge-over-edge with variable speed, depending on the person doing the flipping, but it always has only two possible outcomes, the advantage or disadvantage. Playing mobile blackjack is quite similar.

As one of the most popular table games in land-based casinos for more than fifty years, and with the trend steadily extending to the iGaming industry, 21 gained traction on smartphones almost instantly.

To no surprise — it’s a dynamic card game with good chances to win for clever, educated, and tactful players. Sure, luck is an inevitable factor in any type of gambling but if one is to succeed in blackjack, the knowledge comes with the territory.

This is what separate blackjack players from others: the elaborate dedication to improvement and desire to suppress the luck as much as possible.

As a member of such a group, one also likes to play a lot, like really a lot: whenever and wherever possible. True to a signature analytical approach, though…

No serious blackjack player would venture its mobile version before realizing and understanding the advantages and disadvantages.

(Just as people don’t rush to take the hottest Indian dishes saturated in chili without firstly realizing how it might affect them during digestion.)

To start with, there are two options to play blackjack on the go: by using the dedicated application downloaded on to a mobile device, or by loading up the website in the phone browser.

Whether on Android or iOS, the differences are rather self-explanatory — how do you run Instagram or Twitter? Thus, in this context, act upon your preferences.

The Pluses

Naturally, the most obvious advantage of any smartphone version is a possibility to play blackjack whenever and wherever you like, including making deposits and withdrawals on the fly.

Mobile blackjack versions often deliver the most advanced games’ releases by software manufacturers. In such cases, they have benefits of desktop versions usually notched up with a few extra features like game pausing, live chat among players, live dealer option, instantaneous QR codes interactions, and such.

If not deployed as a standalone app, games are usually run on HTML5 framework providing smooth run, increased security, and improved compatibility.

Online casinos’ proclivities are an enticing factor, too.

Operators want to have more players visiting their platforms via mobile devices. It comes down to the penetration and voluminosity the GSM networks provide for, particularly in places like Africa where smartphones capabilities by far surpass land-based internet infrastructure.

Thus, online casinos tend to have special and exclusive mobile blackjack bonuses. They are entirely similar to usual ones, except they are intended and available only to users on handheld devices.

The Minuses

While people might debate whether size does matter or not, when it comes to blackjack on the go it does create certain disadvantages.

Screen dimension limitations are notable. Yes, they are touch technology based, easy to use, and intuitive, but their smaller size makes them more prone to errors caused both by fat fingers effect or a simple shaking. Unfortunately, no undo or auto-correct options there.

Playing blackjack on the go also might call for added security measures. This has nothing to do with the level of security by reputable casinos or game providers: mobile sites are protected by the same SSL encryption as full websites. Instead, it’s about players losing their devices. Setting the unique password or extra passcode on mobile device sounds prudent enough.

With all the multimedia add-ons, including live dealer options, playing blackjack on mobile devices may result in high data usage. While rates vary depending on packages and countries, if nothing else, those expenses should amount to payroll.

The most obvious yet optional disadvantage has nothing to do with the game but with ourselves and our gaming discipline.

We’re so prone to becoming obsessed with online life and social networks; it’s a simple matter of the fact we touch mobile devices more than anything today (yes, kids included). This character trait of human beings, in conjunction with smartphones’ iGaming, might result in…

Highly unwanted but increased potentials of becoming a problem gambler.

Mobile blackjack should be, therefore, treated with the measured and responsible approach — just as any game in brick-and-mortar casinos and the iGaming industry — and consumed in a balanced manner, with players being fully aware of all advantages and disadvantages.

The Sum

Look at it this way: just as we don’t like others to constantly check their smartphones when we interact, we won’t like what comes when we start checking on mobile blackjack whenever we want or can.

To take a moment and break when deemed proper and necessary also comes with the territory of the astute player.

Consequently, mobile blackjack will be as good as the players are.

This variant has its pros and cons, but they all come down to patrons being responsible, informed, knowledgeable, and disciplined in identifying positive opportunities and playing them wisely.

As with anything in life, success in blackjack is the question of balance, the inner one which defines everything we do. When set properly, including the fair amount of luck and fun, it might reflect on our financial balance too.

Which, as any prudent player will testify, is only fair.


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