There is More than Blackjack

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Playing only blackjack is not utilizing all of your opportunities. There are many other opportunities that exist in just about every casino. For example, one of my favorite casinos has a very good poker room. The reason why the room is so good is that almost every evening the room is full of golfers who want to play poker and drink. The more they drink the more aggressive they become. It is just a waiting game, waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of the alcohol they have consumed.

Another opportunity I often take advantage of is the free drawing tickets I have acquired at the blackjack table. My local casino has some very good drawings on certain nights. Many tourists and golfers are not interested in the drawings. When they get a blackjack. They received a ticket for the drawing. I always ask for their tickets.

Almost every casino has playable machines. You just have to look for them. Wonging is still a very good play in blackjack. Other opportunities that are valuable are exploring the various comp programs that exist in many casinos. Things like free golf balls, free hats, free golf shirts or even free coffee mugs add up in time. I play golf twice a week and hit golf balls on other days. In my local community I get free range balls and comp green fees all the time. My local casinos have never turned down any comp I have asked for. Over a year this adds up to many thousands of dollars.

Blackjack play is not the only way to earn money in the casino industry. There are some casinos where it is to your advantage to be well-known, while in other casinos you want to be invisible. One of the casinos I frequent you can sign up for a $10 slot tournament and receive a $20 buffet ticket. You do not have to play the tournament to receive the buffet ticket. This is one of the major reasons why scouting is so important. Scouting is more than just looking at the blackjack tables. Research all of the other opportunities that could be available and worth your time. There are little things that add up over time. For example, my local casinos give platinum holders free drinks at the bar. Not just at the tables. My local casinos have monthly parties for their better players. Some casinos give their local blackjack players free entries into the blackjack tournaments, slot tournaments, and poker tournaments. in one casino. They will often have a free buffet before the tournaments. Players should always know the rules of the point systems on the machines. Some machines in some casinos give cash back with their point system. Check your account balances often and know if and when they expire.

In your research know who is more lenient with requests in the casino. Some pit bosses will give away the store while others are tight. Watching how a pit boss handles mistakes at the tables can give you a idea on how they will treat your requests. If a dealer makes a mistake and the pit boss favors the table with his decision, it is a clue on how he will handle other requests. Knowledge is important in today's casino environment.


November 4, 2020 6:01 pm
Are we looking for specific Paytables when I'm looking at slots?

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