Some of the best advice I've taken

Some of the best advice i've taken

“Hang in there. You'll get it back." -- George C.

At the bottom of a 100 big bet negative swing these words were posted in response to my ranting. I was losing at a horrendous rate, and this guy says, 'Hang in there.' I was looking for some words of wisdom, some hidden knowledge. Not 'hang in there.' Well, I hung in there, and guess what. He was right. I got it back.

“I became the world's biggest underbettor." -- DD'

Hmmm. Underbet your bankroll. What a concept. That statement struck home. I was typically trying to double a fixed amount of money. Why not just play to win without running from the deadly ROR? Bankroll everything, within reason. Now I can suffer what used to be devastating losses, and walk away with my game intact. I may not be the world's biggest underbettor, but a 100 big bet negative swing would not put me out of business.

"Better to set a goal of hours played instead of units won." -- Stanford Wong.

I admit, it was hard to keep playing after racking up a nice win early in a days' play. I reviewed my records, and that told the story. Series of short days with moderate wins. WRONG. Winning is a function of time. I now set a goal of minimum and maximum hours to play.

"The last thing a card counter wants to do is gamble." -- Ken Uston

I used to have a problem with that. Craps, Caribbean Stud, slots, blackjack without counting. What a waste. I was playing right into the casinos’ hands. I began to keep records. Gambling is expensive. I was giving back what I worked so hard to win. I dreamed of being a winning card counter, not a sucker. I gave up gambling. If I don't have an edge, I'm not in the game. Period.

So there it is -- simple, straightforward advice. No mystery. No secret. It's really enhanced my game, and preserved my bankroll as well as my nerves. Now, even when losing, I "hang in there", "underbet my bankroll", and "put in the hours." Oh, and as enticing as it may appear, I "never gamble."


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