50 reasons that phone call is *NOT* about you -- misplaced concern about pit personnel behavior

50 reasons that phone call is not about you

I've been working a great deal on being less worried about heat lately, so I thought it would be fun to come up with this list. Every one of these reasons is a conversation I've actually heard at some point in my career while playing a table game:

1. The pit is requesting an early out ("E.O.")

2. A dealer has requested an E.O. and the pit needs to communicate that to the proper folks

3. A dealer needs to urgently use the restroom and/or is sick and a replacement is needed right away

4. The pit is ordering a fill

5. A player has requested the cocktail waitress

6. A player has requested to speak to a host

7. A player has requested dinner reservations

8. A player has requested a marker

9. A player has requested a room

10. There is a dispute about a mispay/underpay and surveillance needs to review the hand

11. The floor is uncertain on a particular rule or procedure of a game

12. The floor needs to speak to another floorperson in another pit

13. There is some confusion at the beginning of a shift about dealer table assignments

14. The floor needs to speak to his wife and the casino has a "no cell phone" policy on the floor

15. The floor needs to speak to his mistress and doesn't want the call showing up on his cell phone records

16. The floor has a sick child and is making arrangements to care for the child

17. The call is about a skilled player on another game in that pit

18. The call is about possible cheating on another game in that pit

19. The floor is wondering what bar everyone is meeting at when the shift is over

20. The floor notices a disturbance nearby and is alerting security

21. A player on one of the games in that pit is betting table max, which triggers an automatic call to surveillance

22. The floor is overdue for his break and is wondering where the relief is

23. The floor is pointing out eye candy/cleavage to surveillance

24. The pit clerk is needed to make a new players card

25. A pit clerk is needed to enter a rating slip into the main computer

26. The floor is banging the shift manager and needs to know where the rendezvous point is after work (This tops 'em all!)

27. Surveillance notices a dealer is observed using an improper procedure

28. Surveillance notices a mispay

29. Surveillance likes the cleavage on the girl in seat 2 and will have wonderful still frames available for viewing after work

30. A customer calls the main number to inquire about the availability of a particular game and that call as routed to the pit

31. A chip is found on the floor inside the pit and is unaccounted for

32. A VIP is coming and has asked to reserve a table

33. The gaming agent on duty is being notified of a table opening/closing (This is actually the law in some states)

34. Someone has reached into the rack, stolen a bunch of purple chips, and is making a beeline for the door

35. The shift manager needs to meet with the floor on his next break

36. The shift manager needs to meet with one of the dealers on their next break

37. The floor or one of the dealers has been selected for a random drug test on their next break

38. The floor is alerting security or his supervisor about a suspected underage patron

39. A machine player nearby has hit a handpay, and has asked the floor to call a slot attendant

40. A player has requested a dinner comp of sufficient size that it requires approval

41. A player is intoxicated and needs to be cut off from further alcohol service. (Rarely enforced in most jurisdictions)

42. A player has hit a taxable jackpot on a carny game

43. The printer is out of paper

44. There is a computer malfunction

45. The floor needs a play history or to check for notes on an account

46. A player is getting close to/has gone over the $10,001 CTR threshold

47. A new Automatic Shuffling Machine is needed at one of the tables

48. A player in that pit is suffering some kind of medical emergency

49. The cage is calling to verify a large cashout

50. A player has spilled a drink and new cards are needed

I could go on...


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