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Database users

I am starting to agree.  I have generally recommended using the card for the offers and comps but in the last year or so I was backed off at some Indian casinos playing 6 deck where i would not have expected it.  Just for grins I played at the casino that rhymes with ash freak.  Do one no card, few hours, no back off.  Second day went ahead and got and used card and told no more table games in about 1 hour.  Still some places where in my opinion the cash back offers are to good to not use a card.  Get what you can until you get backed off and then play without card.  Prairie band in Kansas, grand sierra and silver legacy in Reno are a few examples- at least they were for me.

9 days ago

Database users

I see more and more casinos noted as "Database Users" in CBJN.
I have been busted by quite a few of these locations.
How does this database work?
Is the information kept for a long time or is it more of a current warning like the old faxes of card counter photos sent out?
If I have been busted at a few "database users" does that mean I am toast at all other users?
I am planning to visit a casino I have never been to before that is noted as "Database User" and trying to decide if I should get players card and use or just play anonymous.

13 days ago