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Counter-Adjusted BS

Can anyone provide a link to an online image rendition to count-weighted BS?
If not, a image file of same?

by: retfirgnez

Is this for that poser Michael Morgenstern? I wouldn't waste your time man. That guy is far too arrogant and far too stupid to take advice from anyone else. Not to mention... haven't you heard? He's a professional! 😂😂😂

18 days ago

Updates to BJ21 message board software: This is still a work in progress

How about the ability to search for posts by a specific poster? And the ability to asign a default username? My original username (userxxxx) is set as my default. 

about 1 month ago

casino stupidity

Very stupid


I play mostly in St Louis (or at least I used to) and make trips to KC a few times a year. The counter-measures come so fast in STL that I really don't bother playing much anymore in that region. I've also had isome ssues in KC too, so there's a few stores I stay out of now.

I know you're a KC local; I've read some of your older posts on the GC pages as well as your "fair well" post. I wasn't aware that you still play, hence your last post on GC. If you ever want to exchange notes, feel free to email me. Take care!


7 months ago

2 deck shoe shuffling


1) What do you mean by card shuffling machine? Automatic Shuffling Machine (ASM) or Coninuous Shuffling Machine (CSM)? ASM's just shuffle the cards when it's time for a re-shuffle and a CSM's continuously shuffles the cards as the game is in play. If you are counting cards, then the CSM is pretty much unbeatable. If you're a basic strategy player, then neither of those two things should concern you.

2) Where did you come up with your theory on card readers leveling shoes to bust players more? This theory is false and should be disregarded.

If you're just a basic strategy player, the only things you should seek out are games that pay 3:2 (not 6:5!) and favorable rules (re-split Aces, Double any two cards, Double after splitting, dealer stands on soft 17, late surrender, etc.). I chose not to list rules using their acronyms such as RSA, DOA, DAS, S17, LS, in case you aren't very savvy with such blackjack terminology. Now you know for future reference.

11 months ago

Basic Question Regarding Sitting Out Hands

Don't worry about what the ploppies think

Who cares about blackjack etiquette? If you do, you will short change yourself. I see players get frustrated all the time with my "weird" index plays, jumping from 1 hand to 2, then back to 1, sitting out hands, etc., and I don't let it dictate the way I play. When I play, I do what needs to be done to get the money out, and so should you.

As far as sitting out hands... Like other people have mentioned, take a "phone call", "text message", "bathroom break", etc. If table options are limited, I may stick out some pretty negative counts and save my "bathroom breaks" for when the count really tanks! You can only use the restroom so many times in one session. If I'm in the middle of a really bad losing streak and the count is tanking at the same time, I'll just look frustrated and use it as an excuse to sit out some hands or wait for a new shoe. And lastly, I always take "important phone calls/texts" as an excuse to step away. If the other people look frustrated with you, who cares? Just do what you need to do. Good luck.

- Ryemo

over 1 year ago

Any 6-Deck Non-Machine Shuffle Games in St. Louis?

River City. Many of their games are hand shuffled. (nt)

over 1 year ago