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Updates to BJ21 message board software: This is still a work in progress

In the list of threads the date and time of the last post would be nice to have. It only shows who posted now.

Once within a thread, a link to the first unread post would be useful.

All in all it's much better than it was - thanks!

14 days ago

Streakiness - Professional Blackjack

Within an unshuffled shoe

everything will occur either more or less often than the math would suggest.

What's the point of analyzing an unshuffled shoe other than for entertainment value, unless you know of a casino that uses unshuffled shoes?

about 2 months ago

Definition of a soft 17.

See my First Response

It's any 17 which could also be 7 by treating an ace as 1

From your examples:

A, 6 -- soft 17
A, 2, 4 -- soft 17
A, 7 -- soft 18 (????)
A, 4, 2 -- soft 17
A, 3, 6, 5 -- hard 15 (????)

A, 3, 6, 7 would be a hard 17 because the Ace already needs to be 1 to prevent a busted hand.

3 months ago

Definition of a soft 17.

I was just addressing the definition aspect

Although he did also ask whether A,6 is the same as A,2,4 in general. I missed that

Neither of us addressed why he would want to stand on A,2,4 vs 7 but hit A,6

3 months ago

Definition of a soft 17.

Any 17 that could also be 7

is a soft 17. A,6 or A,4,2 or A, doesn't matter.

3 months ago

IF you split 10's and get dealt an ace..

Normally not treated as blackjack

unless there is some kind of promotion on.

4 months ago

spanish 21 follow up

Still Depends

It's ratio of the redouble amount to the money already in play that determines the benefit. For a $25 original bet, and allowing 2 redoubles (for a total of 3 doubles) for as little as $1, I have a strategy that yields a 0.66% PLAYER advantage off the top.

10 months ago

spanish 21 follow up


Can't give a single number. Depends on how little they will let you re-double for vs money already in play.

10 months ago

spanish 21 follow up

Double For Less Still Viable

As I said, even if the rescue rules are such that you would never rescue, re-double for less can still be the right play. The closer to zero you can re-double for, the more it resembles hitting.

10 months ago

spanish 21 follow up

Even without surrender

I should add that doubling for less on re-doubles can be the correct play, even when the the rule for rescuing a double for less makes rescue impractical. For example, when you keep only the re-doubled amount.

10 months ago