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Ace Prediction

I've lost my touch. Not even a chuckle.

Overkill, how's your sample size doing? Don't be discouraged from your idea of working with an investor. You may be on to something that suits your personality and abilities. But, prove it to yourself first. Then market it. Good luck.

about 1 month ago

Ace Prediction

I would ask someone in who's opinion I trust.

And, if they tell me I look like a dork in my shirt A or shirt B, I would wear something she likes and would refrain from letting my feelings be hurt. Afterall, I asked with no parameters.

But, if I had 1 date each with a lot of different girls, I would ask the opinion of more than just one other person, i.e., seek information from a larger sample size.

Then you would have to spreadsheet the results to know what personality type liked which shirt. You would have to know their personality types. Then you could wear the optimal shirt most of the time.

If your expected chance (ec) of making it to second base is usually -.45% off the top, hopefully your rrsearch and following the basic strategy of your rrsearch will get you into positive territory.

Of course, if mid-date entry was a known allowable rule, you probably wouldn't want to "play all" since your probability of reaching your ec would increase at +1 and higher. This would also help control your expenses and variance. I suggest you Wong in at +1.00!

Remember, NO means NO, so by all means, Wong out immediately wh=n necessary! Respect is simply the humanly right thing and it will bode better for your longevity. Of course you could enter the date sooner if you round up and use an entry point of +.5, but I wouldn't recommend truncating. The EITS looks for that type of thing and, rightfully so, you may get the tap, barred or 86d thereby spending eternity in purgatory.

Let the trials begin. Good luck!

about 1 month ago

Dealer ?

Not that there's anything wrong with that... (nt)

2 months ago

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Thanks Drumz. Have a great year! (nt)

2 months ago

Definition of a soft 17.

Never say never (nt)

3 months ago

Progressive betting strategies with card counting

That's interesting. I was being facetious, except

for the correlation point. I've seen it done at a poker table to randomize calling or folding on "coin flip" hands.

3 months ago

Progressive betting strategies with card counting

You would roll a die for randomizing decisions at the 21 table?

Those really were good times.

3 months ago

Progressive betting strategies with card counting

If you can correlate it to the count

and get cover from it, use whatever works. If you are using it in hopes of it magically making you money, try something more interesting. Maybe roll a single die at your betting spot; odd = stand, even = dd or split but if it's the 2nd odd in a row = take insurance, second even in a row = just hit, 3 odds or 3 evens in a row = double your next wager.

Good luck.

3 months ago

Lucky Dragon Casino Las Vegas, opening December 3rd

I think a mob themed casino would be apropos

but who or what would be willing to own it.

3 months ago

How wiill President Elect Trump :

I see what you're saying but don't totally agree

Thanks for your opinion Bear. When you turn "their" land into parishes or towns and neighborhoods, they lose their heritage. I assume non-tribesmen are not allowed to live on reservations currently, but they would be allowed to do so in your scenario.

It seems similar to an invading army that destroys the history of their victim in an effort to essentially destroy their heritage. They wipe out museums, sacred art and places and the unique people become blended in to society. We made the natives cut their hair, change their clothing, speak English and learn Christianity. All the while, the new country was being formed, in part, for religious freedom and tyranny. I don't see how going the additional steps you state helps anyone. Your thoughts about their casinos is easier to understand.

While there's a lot to dislike about the reservations, at least monuments, some culture and sacred areas are maintained. Unfortunately, there's a lot of poverty and lack of education.

Why not keep the reservations, which is a tiny part of what the tribes collectively controlled pre-white/Spanish/French? However, implement US and state laws, including some form of taxation.

I think it's at least interesting to have the native culture residing within our country. It seems the least we can do.

The Comanches controlled/"owned" Texas at a minimum plus border lands. If not for them, the Conquistadors would have pushed much further than they did. The Comanches "stopped them at the border".

I'm not sure how much, if any, wealth they gained from the oil extracted from their lands. I've never had a problem with tribes getting casinos including tax breaks, but I've always had a problem with states too dumb to allow competition. North Carolina is a perfect example.

NC protects the monopoly despite it being farther away for much of their population than NJ, DE, MD, WV, DC, FL and PA (and it's a quicker flight to Las Vegas in some cases). The state collects taxes/fees (open bribes) while staving off competition.

I can see your point about the laws but not turning reservations into parishes. Of course, my information is limited and knowledge weak on the topic overall. But, it sounds like you think our country's native heritage should just be quiet and meld in with the rest of us.

If I'm missing something, please enlighten me. I find it an interesting conversation, but I can see that it could be too political for this page. Thanks.

3 months ago