The Mad Professor's Crapshooting Bible by Tino Gambino

The book is 300+ pages of meat and potatoes, no fluff. About 50 pages of the material is new, and the rest is distilled from the hundreds of essays the Mad Professor has written on craps and posted on

The essays have not been merely reproduced word for word; instead they have been professionally edited and integrated with each other so that the material flows as logically as if it were originally written for a book instead of for separate essays.

Various chapters cover the rules of craps, the grip, the throw, practicing, setting, betting, doing it in a casino, adapting to different tables, and creating shooting opportunities. Here are a few of the section titles: How Grip Tightness Affects Your Throw, The Dead-Cat Bounce, Power Throw vs Finesse Throw, Improving Your Consistency, Palm-Up Tossing and Forward Spin, Spin Control, One Inch at a Time, Building Muscle Memory, Understand Your Toss, Finding the Best Sets and Best Bets, Betting in Proportion to Your Advantage, Optimal Bet Size, Enthusiasm and Anxiety, Clean Hands, Ratholing, Practice After Playing, Short Tables, Conquering Microfiber, Seek Out Turbo Dice, and Stepping Up to the Big Leagues.

The book has a comprehensive index.