Sharp sports betting

Sharp Sports Betting

October 03, 2019 12:37
Stanford Wong

Sharp Sports Betting is a tool for those interested in winning money at sports betting. This book explains the most common...

Betting cheap claimers by stanford wong

Betting Cheap Claimers

December 19, 2016 08:59
Stanford Wong

Introduction PREFACE Betting on horses is fun. You have mountains of information to analyze. You can back your analysis with...

Want to improve your sports betting or dfs skills  go back to college

Want to improve your sports betting or DFS skills? Go back to college...for free.

May 11, 2017 10:40
Captain Jack

The most frequent question I get asked is how can I get started in quantitative analysis when it comes to sports betting or...

Football betting by stanford wong

Football Betting

October 07, 2019 13:58
Stanford Wong

Look closely at the (American) football listings in any sportsbook and you will find a lot of information. The teams are listed...

Sports betting in america is tough

Sports betting in America is tough

December 19, 2016 11:15
Captain Jack

Sports betting in America is tough. If you want access to any of those top books you're going to need to know somebody. To get...

Baseball  basketball  hockey betting

Baseball, basketball, hockey betting

November 23, 2019 10:58
Stanford Wong

Baseball On most games, baseball does not use football-type point spreads. On baseball you bet money lines and totals. One...

Captain jacks comments about changes in the modern comp game

Comps in 2019

May 21, 2019 09:44
Captain Jack

Question by snapper: Blackjack used to be the way to bigger comps and better casino mail. Apparently, that's changed over time....

Playing the comp game

Playing the Comp Game

December 19, 2016 09:08

Depending on your style of play, some of these methods may not be appropriate. But for low to mid-stakes players, most should...

Value of comps

Value of Comps

December 19, 2016 09:06
LV Bear

This article addresses only non-cash comps; the value is usually easy to determine in the case of free-money coupons, match...

Heat while milking comps

Heat while milking comps?

January 05, 2019 14:40
Richie Garcia

I was playing blackjack with a mild bet spread, 1-4 in black, with little cover and taking restroom breaks at a true count of...

Filing taxes in the usa as a professional gambler

Filing taxes in the USA as a professional gambler: Discussion

November 12, 2018 09:22

McBain: If you have for example $50k in investment income, and $30k in declared gambling income, and no other income, can you...

Police and blackjack

Pulled Over by Police

July 18, 2019 13:17

I have been pulled over by the police many times in my life and blackjack career, and seem to have mastered the art of not even...

Advantage players need to pay their taxes

Advantage players need to pay their taxes

March 07, 2019 11:27
Pro Players

Let’s say a busy red chipper to low green-chip player needs a bankroll of $50k for his risk of ruin to remain acceptable. Time...


Nevada Gaming Commission and Gaming Control Board -- Over a decade later, nothing has changed.

March 10, 2017 09:18
LV Bear

Over a decadeago, I wrote: 'The Nevada Gaming Control Board (and Nevada Gaming Commission) is little more than a training...

Professional gambling tax status

Professional gambling tax status?

April 17, 2017 08:13
Colin M. Cody, CPA

When you tally up your gambling winnings tax forms W-2G each year - do you see that the IRS is taking away too much from your...

How to avoid cash seizures by bluesman

How to avoid cash seizures

October 10, 2017 07:38

As the saying goes, 'cash is king'; in general, it's better to hold cash than to hold notes from debtors, property deeds, or...

Campione atlantic city case

Campione Atlantic City Case

December 19, 2016 08:57

SYLLABUS (This syllabus is not part of the opinion of the Court. It has been prepared by the Office of the Clerk for the...

Flying safely with your bankroll

Flying Safely With Your Bankroll

December 19, 2016 08:54
Harold Harvey

Here is a question and answer from TSA's website: Q. Will I be delayed during screening if I am carrying large amounts of...

Louisiana casinos special considerations

Louisiana casinos -- Special considerations

April 21, 2017 09:16
Dallas Barrister

Casinos in Louisiana frequently hire uniformed off-duty local police officers to provide security, especially for special...

False arrest

False Arrest

December 19, 2016 08:55

Recently, a question arose as to what crime, if any, is being committed by a casino employee when they unlawfully detain an...

A legal opinion on preferential shuffling

A legal opinion on preferential shuffling

November 24, 2018 09:31
Bob Nersesian, Esq.

Preferential shuffling is not illegal per se and cannot be made illegal per se. It is, however, likely that it is illegal in...

Privacy issues

Privacy Issues

December 19, 2016 08:52

Are Casinos, Griffin Investigations, SIN, Biometrica Violating the Law? After many months researching the provisions of the...

Discreet travel with cash by varlayview

Discreet travel with cash

December 05, 2018 09:20

Here’s a general, hypothetical question: Suppose a low-stakes player was to bring only about $3000 on a trip, planning to just...

Bankroll ccounting  amp tax liability

Bankroll Accounting & Tax Liability

December 19, 2016 08:58

My own policy has been to pay in enough money to the Internal Revenue Service during the year to avoid any tax penalties, and...

If cornered by the enemy

If Cornered by the Enemy

December 19, 2016 10:18

If you can make it to the door, then do so. Get out of there as quickly as possible, without running. Urgent flight may be...


Las Vegas Casinos Must Protect Patrons from Attacks in Restrooms

February 23, 2017 01:22
Ladah Law Firm

Las Vegas Casinos Must Protect Patrons from Attacks in Restrooms Las Vegas is one of the most frequently visited cities in the...

Do trespasses expire

Do trespasses expire?

April 02, 2019 08:03

Do trespasses automatically expire after a specific period of time and have to be reissued to remain effective? Scrooge McDuck:...

Defensive driving for advantage players

Defensive Driving for Advantage Players

September 15, 2018 10:39
Harold Harvey

Question: If pulled over by police while carrying my traveling bankroll (“BR”) and asked, “Do you have a large amount of cash?"...

Cruise ship procedure leaving from the united states

Cruise ship procedure: Leaving from the United States

September 01, 2017 07:49
Harold Harvey

Those traveling and gambling on cruise ships leaving from the United States with itineraries that allow disembarkation in...

Cashback is taxable income

Cashback is Taxable Income

December 19, 2016 08:56
Uncle Sugar

Here is the appropriate text from Section 61 of the Internal Revenue Code: ”… gross income means all income from whatever...

Las vegas trip report

Las Vegas Trip Report

September 28, 2019 10:03
Casino Zerg

I recently got back from another wild Las Vegas trip. I went with a friend and fellow advantage player who we will call Frank...

Colorin up its not just a job its an adventure

Coloring Up -- It's Not Just a Job, It's an Adventure!

December 19, 2016 09:02

I strolled into one of my favorite haunts, hungering for the sweet taste of some blackjack action. Depressingly, though, every...

Blackjack poem

Blackjack Poem

December 19, 2016 09:04

Attacking the Green Felt Tables After hours of ugly stiffs, Somehow my senses remain keen. Though with another modest bet, I...

Ronda churchilllas vegas

“Fearful” South Point security guard fires shot into windshield of occupied car in parking garage

March 21, 2017 22:23
LV Bear

South Point security guard fires shot during confrontation Opinion By LV Bear, originally posted on

Car renter bj21

Car Renter #001

January 20, 2020 14:20
LV Bear

LV Bear: I was Car Renter #001. On a recent blackjack trip to Kansas City, I rented a car that had no license plates; the...

Ten suggestions of posting

Ten Suggestions of Posting

December 19, 2016 08:16

Olow_Hoop asked about the Card Counter Commandments. From the gist of the rest of his post, I suspect he wants to know about...

Avoiding illness on casino trips

Avoiding illness on casino trips

August 02, 2018 11:54
Old School

Over the years, I've been a frequent visitor to Las Vegas, Reno, and elsewhere. I have managed to avoid illness during or after...

New to las vegas

New to Las Vegas

April 08, 2019 10:12
Split Face Disaster

I'm a fairly new Las Vegas resident and plan to start counting cards here soon. I'm planning on playing part-time, maybe 15-20...

Where to stay in wendover

Where to Stay in Wendover

January 16, 2019 10:53
Wendover Willard

Wendover (actually West Wendover, NV, but known by players as simply “Wendover”) has long been widely recognized as being among...


Airbnb pros and cons?

November 01, 2019 14:31
LV Bear

LV Bear: I have never used Airbnb in my blackjack travels or any other time, seeing no reason to subject myself to the...

Iq of typical casino patron

IQ of typical casino patron?

January 01, 2020 14:18

Friendo: I think the average IQ of the casino customer base is substantially less than 100. Some of my recent observations: I....

Cardanos lantern

Cardano's lantern

November 21, 2018 09:39

Girolamo Cardano, the 16th-century Italian mathematician, gained great fame from his mathematical and scientific publications....

Healthy advantage player

Healthy advantage player

January 13, 2019 15:10
Count Backula

It’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle as an advantage player (“AP”), especially frequently-traveling AP's. Flying,...

Overcoming jet lag

Overcoming Jet Lag

April 10, 2019 07:39
Many Airline Miles

I arrived at a distant overseas blackjack location two days ago, and am fighting jet lag because of a nine-hour time...

Car camping

Car camping

February 08, 2019 10:22
Car Camper Wannabe

Is “car camping” legal? If I get tired while on a driving casino trip and have to pull out somewhere, will I wake up with a...

Reno 2019 comments and observations

Reno 2019 comments and observations

March 09, 2019 19:28
LV Bear

Originally written for Green Chip by LV Bear, edited for this format. It's been a while since I wrote about Reno. From...

Tournaments bj21 blackjack


January 06, 2020 09:38
Stanford Wong

Casino games tournaments are fun, and they can be profitable too. In upcoming articles, we will be publishing a series of...

Advantage players and general health

Advantage players and general health

February 20, 2019 12:31
Ohio Card Counter

How do the people who are full-time advantage players manage their health in general? I would think all the travel would be...

The give up wallet

The Give Up Wallet

December 16, 2016 13:44
No author

Paranoid or just cautious? When playing blackjack I carry a "give-up" wallet; the real one stays in the room safe. This is for...

Blackjack players should consider playing poker

Blackjack Players Should Consider Playing Poker

December 19, 2016 08:49
King Yao

By King Yao Poker and blackjack are two popular gambling card games. Each game is beatable by smart players that put in the...

Get your moneys worth on tips in a poker room

Get your money's worth on tips in a poker room

April 26, 2017 10:15

In a poker room, I always tip a winning pot if it sees a flop ... if I just scoop blinds and limps, then no tip, and no one...

Learning poker

Learning Poker

December 19, 2016 08:47
No author

I never sat down at a blackjack table until I had Basic Strategy down cold. Kind of the same thing for poker, I never sat down...

A video poker novice reports

A video poker novice reports

June 11, 2019 07:26

I am a video poker novice. I first played decades ago, when it was more lucrative, but was bored by it. Since I was eventually...

Maximizing your advantage at video poker

Maximizing Your Advantage at Video Poker

January 26, 2018 12:04
Captain Jack

What does one look for to play with an advantage with VP? 1) Progressive Jackpots? What kind of progressive jackpots have you...


Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong

December 19, 2016 08:24
Stanford Wong

Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong was written quite some time ago, and is now out of print. It contains some...

Professional video poker by stanford wong 3

Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong chapter 3

December 19, 2016 10:30
Stanford Wong

PREFACE | CHAPTER 1 | CHAPTER 2 | CHAPTER 3 | CHAPTER 4 (Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong was written quite some time...

Playing video poker for comps

Playing video poker for comps?

February 11, 2019 12:59

Can you play with an edge at video poker when you factor in every comp that you can receive via even the most conservative comp...

Professional video poker by stanford wong 2

Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong chapter 2

December 19, 2016 10:27
Stanford Wong

PREFACE | CHAPTER 1 | CHAPTER 2 | CHAPTER 3 | CHAPTER 4 Table 12 Payoffs on 8-5 Progressives Hand Payoff Per Coin Bet Royal...

Professional video poker by stanford wong 1

Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong chapter 1

December 19, 2016 10:25
Stanford Wong

PREFACE | CHAPTER 1 | CHAPTER 2 | CHAPTER 3 | CHAPTER 4 (Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong was written quite some time...

Professional video poker by stanford won4

Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong chapter 4

December 19, 2016 10:32
Stanford Wong

PREFACE | CHAPTER 1 | CHAPTER 2 | CHAPTER 3 | CHAPTER 4 (Professional Video Poker by Stanford Wong was written quite some time...