Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong

The 256-page book Basic Blackjack presents basic strategy and expected value for almost every unusual rule variation ever offered. Examples of rules covered: no hole card to dealer, doubling down on three or more cards, splitting when there is a bet riding that will go on one hand and not have to be matched with a like bet on the other hand, early surrender, five-card hands can be turned in for a half win, over/under, multiple action, double exposure.

Basic Blackjack also contains interesting tables, such as: probabilities of final dealer totals by upcard; probability of untied naturals by number of decks; and which hands have a positive expected value, by dealer upcard.

This book also explains techniques for winning at blackjack without counting cards: tells, warps, front loading, spooking, etc., that first appeared in Winning Without Counting, an out-of-print classic that initially sold for $200 per copy.

The price is $14.95 plus shipping (plus sales tax if sent to a Nevada address). Basic Blackjack is available from