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CITYCENTER'S ARIA: THE CRESCENDO -- Newest, most expensive joint on the Strip opens with fireworks, fanfare

Wednesday was all about celebrating the opening of CityCenter's centerpiece, but it was also a time for putting the $8.4 billion project into perspective.

Q&A: Bill McBeath -- President and COO, Aria

If you build a resort with the lofty expectations associated with CityCenter, you can’t hand over the keys to just anybody. When it came time to choose a president and chief operating officer of the Aria hotel and casino, the centerpiece of CityCenter, MGM Mirage turned to Bill McBeath, who has held key management positions with some of Las Vegas’ most successful properties — Mirage, Treasure Island and Bellagio.

Northern Nevada's fortune tied CityCenter success, or failure

CityCenter's potential benefits extend beyond Clark County's border. All of Nevada has a stake in the project.

Murren, execs lend insight into Harmon blame game

MGM Mirage likely will not seek legal action against the participating parties involved with structural issues that delayed and significantly altered the design on the Harmon Hotel, according to the company’s chairman and CEO, Jim Murren.

Boyd sweetens bid for Station -- Company offers $2.45 billion in cash, assumed debt for casinos, land

Boyd Gaming Corp. sent another message Tuesday that it intends to be a serious player in Station Casinos' bankruptcy by offering $2.45 billion for most of the company.

Black Gaming May Be Getting A New Partner

MESQUITE, NV - Reports by KLAS-TV and the Las Vegas Sun on Friday, Dec. 11, broke the news that negotiations were underway for Frank Toti to become involved with Black Gaming, LLC.

Thanks to Nic Alfonsetti  in Mesquite, NV for submitting the above link.

Sahara cites weak demand in closing hotel towers

The Sahara hotel-casino in Las Vegas is temporarily closing two of its three hotel towers and its buffet, citing slow business during the holiday season.

Bankrupt Silver Dollar Casino sold

Calgary's Silver Dollar Casino has been bought by Colorado-based Century Casinos, Inc. in a $10.6-million US deal.

Mo. levies no penalty on former Pinnacle CEO

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri regulators decided Wednesday not to punish a former casino executive who warned a St. Louis-area official that there would be political consequences for voting to help another company's project.

Mashantuckets officially default on Foxwoods loans

CONECTICUT - Legal ramifications in 'uncharted waters' after Mashantuckets fail to make $7.5 million interest payment

Gaming board blasts Foxwoods over a deadline

Lawyers for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board yesterday slammed the Foxwoods Casino developers for missing a Dec. 1 deadline to submit architectural renderings of its stalled South Philadelphia slots parlor, and advised against an extension to March 1.

Murphy suing state for malicious prosecution in Binion case

Sandra Murphy, known for her conviction and eventual acquittal in the death of her boyfriend and Las Vegas casino executive Ted Binion, is suing the state for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

Man pleads guilty to casino fraud -- The Missourian created counterfeit gambling chips to swindle a casino near Grove

TULSA, OK - A Missouri man pleaded guilty Tuesday to stealing from an Oklahoma casino by creating counterfeit gambling chips.

NFL to allow Las Vegas ads on postseason telecasts

NEW YORK — The NFL will allow advertising for Las Vegas on game telecasts this postseason, including the Super Bowl.

Will Obama legalize gambling?

Along with health care reform and usher in economic incentives, president Barack Obama is on the mood to change the face of online gambling in the United States. Merrill Lynch representative said: "We believe that it could ultimately pave the way for on-line gaming regulation rather than prohibition."

Singapore to bar over 28,000 people from casinos

Singapore's National Council on Problem Gambling will send letters to over 28,000 people in Singapore, barring them from the two upcoming casinos, local media reported on Wednesday.

Carl Icahn Trumps the Donald and Gains Control of 3 Atlantic City Properties

Entities controlled by Carl C. Icahn have purchased a majority of the outstanding first lien bank debt from Beal Bank of Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings LP, the owner of the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza and Trump Marina properties in Atlantic City, NJ, from.

Sands Casino scam attempt doesn't pay off -- New York woman faces prison after pleading guilty to thefts. She stole $10,000 in 13 hours.

PENNSYVANIA - A New York woman accused of a career of casino scams faces sentencing in January for stealing from patrons of Sands Resort Casino Bethlehem.

Woods was high roller at Vegas blackjack table

When he wasn't forking over cash to silence his harem of beautiful bimbos, Tiger Woods tossed tens of thousands of dollars on the blackjack table at a Sin City casino, according to one of his mistresses.

Tiger scandal puts VIP hosts on spot

Tiger Woods' widening infidelity scandal has brought unprecedented media scrutiny to the roles of VIP casino and nightclub hosts and whether they are involved in hooking up clients with sex partners.

The VIP service that seduced Tiger Woods

On any given evening at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, a long queue will stretch from the floor of the casino to the entrance of a nightclub called The Bank.

Ontario looks to unload Crown corporations -- Facing record $24.7-billion deficit, province considers privatizing major companies including LCBO, Hydro One and OLG

The cash-strapped Ontario government is looking into the sale of all or part of its collection of Crown corporations, including the provincial lottery company and the retail monopoly on liquor sales, to raise cash to close a $24.7-billion deficit this year.

All major Reno-Sparks casinos seeking devaluation of properties

Fourteen casino properties in Washoe County will be devalued by $99 million -- 26.5 percent -- for tax purposes in the year starting July 1, because of the continuing decline in gaming.

Casinos want state high court to ban card counters

INDIANAPOLIS - A court ruling that requires an Indiana casino to allow a gambler to play blackjack even though he admits counting cards could force the state's casinos to institute new rules that could push players to other states at a time when gambling revenues have already taken a hit, gambling experts say.

Hard Rock Hotel investor granted state gaming license

A major player in retail shopping centers has received a Nevada gaming license after investing in the company that owns Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel.

Management of Greektown Casino Hotel in flux as Fine Point Group's contract expires

DETROIT - Leadership of the Greektown Casino Hotel will be in flux as of January 1 after Greektown's board of directors decided not to offer a new contract to Las Vegas-based Fine Point Group, which has run the casino for the last year.

The Bear Growls

Long-time Las Vegas-based advantage player, casino critic, and frequent contributor LVBear offers his opinions on things that sometimes go wrong in the world of casinos.  Current and past growls can be read and comments posted at LVBear's website,

Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting by King Yao

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Sharp Sports Betting, the book, by Stanford Wong          2009 printing

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Some important topics covered in this book are:

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Beat the Players - Casinos, Cops and the Game Inside the Game, by Bob Nersesian

This book should be read by everyone who sets foot in a casino: average casino patrons, skilled players, casino employees, and anyone else. It should be required reading for police officers, regulators, other public officials, and attorneys who may represent any of the aforementioned. Beat the Players was the subject of a feature in USA Today.

Bob Nersesian is an attorney who represents victims of casino wrongdoing against patrons. In an enjoyable writing style, he takes a look at the often too-cozy relationship between casinos, police, and regulators. He discusses specific cases and dispenses sound, practical advice that patrons, casinos and public officials would be wise to heed. Cases discussed are from Nevada and other jurisdictions.

Chapters include: Your Money or Your Liberty; Scary Cop Statements; They'll Take Your Liberty Anyway; Gaming Agents Speak; The Take of the State; Rules for Casino Patrons; Gambling at the Legal Limits; Cops Hate Card Counters; Griffin Investigations; Casinos Cheat With Impunity; A Judicial and Government Overlay; Finding a Nickel Brings Trouble; Names and Aliases; The Security Office and Surveillance Functions, and Casinos and Cops.

Appendices include Nevada Cheating and Detention Laws with Commentary; Other Nevada Gaming Laws of Interest; Gaming Cases of Interest, and Nevada Gaming Regulations with Commentary.

The 320-page book includes a bibliography and an index.

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