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Stanford Wong's Current Blackjack News

Current Blackjack News is published electronically on the 3rd of each month. (Click HERE For Sample)
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Monthly Issues: On the 1st and 2nd of every month, a couple dozen Pi Yee Press reporters visit casinos around the United States to check on the blackjack rules and playing conditions. Five of those reporters split up Las Vegas and visit every casino in town. Any changes in rules and playing conditions that they find, they e-mail to the CBJN editor, who compiles them into a newsletter that is published late in the afternoon on the 3rd. That report is available as a single issue and is delivered by e-mail. The price of a single issue is $17.

The subscription price is $35 per quarter (three issues) or $109 per year (twelve issues) by Visa/MC/AmEx with automatic renewal. Minimum subscription is one quarter.

A new issue is published in the afternoon of the 3rd each month, regardless of the day of the week. The new issue in pdf format is automatically emailed to subscribers. CBJN is also available to subscribers in Excel format on the CBJN page of Subscribers get a password for accessing between-issues updates.

CBJN is separate from green chip. If you subscribe to CBJN but not green chip, your password will open the CBJN page of BJ21, but not the green chip pages.

For newsletters, foreign rates are the same as U.S. rates. Visa/MC/Discover/AmEx accepted. Current Blackjack News is available from:

Pi Yee Press
6267 Dean Martin Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone 702-579-7711


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